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These terms apply to our website: "https://www.publiosis.com" and the android/iOS applications that we provide. By using these media, you agree to these terms and conditions and the laws and regulations that are present in your country concerning internet related services. The terms: "We", "our" or "us" refer to Publiosis and the term: "you" refers to you, the customer. These terms of use may be changed or updated at our own discretion, and by using our website, apps or services, you agree to the terms that are active at that given time. All elements of our own website and mobile applications are protected and copyrighted materials, and should not be copied, redistributed, decompiled or otherwise. Some elements on our website or in our apps may have typographical or photographic errors. We do not guarantee that any of the content on our platforms is authentic, comprehensive, or contemporary. Publiosis can change, adapt or remove any content at any given time at its own discretion.

1: The use of the conversion services

1 Conversion from a website to an application is included in the price of the package you have chosen. The website you provide us with must be your own website or the website of your customer (i.e. in case you are a freelancer), to which you hold the proper rights. The customer is responsible for the entire website that is provided If an external link or link that leads to a different domain is used on the website, other than an e-mail address, this link might not be included in the conversion and will be opened in an external browser on the mobile device.

Once the transaction is complete, our team will process your order and convert your website into an app for either Android, iOS or both, depending on the package you have chosen You will receive an e-mail with an invoice within 24 hours after purchasing a package. You will receive your products within 2 days after completing the transaction. We will e-mail you the app(s), a tutorial on how to publish on the Google Play Store and Appstore and tutorials on how to setup Push Notifications Websites need to be optimized for viewing on mobile devices in order to get the best possible experience when using the application for android and iOS Please note that there is a one time fee to publish apps on the Google Play Store (25,00$) and an annual fee of 99,00$ to publish apps on the Apple App Store. Publiosis cannot provide these licenses. These are also not included in our packages. We ask our customers to upload a logo. If one cannot be provided, Publiosis will try to extract one from the customer's website. Our team will test your applications extensively and on a wide range of devices, prior to mailing them to the customer. Should an error occur, we will fix this as soon as possible. In this case, the customer needs to notify us within 14 days after receiving the application(s). We require a complete description of the occurring error and on which devices the error has occured. If possible, backed up by screenshots. Every transaction is final and refunds can only be given under these circumstances A technical error on our part, which cannot be fixed, prevents the usage of your app(s) or prevents the apps from getting published on the Google Play or Appstore. These errors need to be proven by screenshots and clear explanations when and how they occur. If these errors are fixed, no refund will be allowed. Should the error persist, a refund will be given within 14 days of reporting the error. In this case, the applications need to be destroyed immediately and cannot, under any circumstances be posted on the Google Play Store or Appstore.

Publiosis is not responsible for the content you provide on your website. Should your apps be rejected by Google or Apple because of content issues (i.e. pornographic material, use of racist or offensive language, use of copyrighted material, ...), in accordance with the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore terms of use, Publiosis cannot be held accountable and no refunds will be given. Publiosis will deliver your products by mail, on the e-mail address you have provided. From the moment we send out these products, our clients gain full ownership of the apps provided. We will not claim any rights to the finished products, nor will we input any advertisements in the coding language.

2. The privacy of our customers

We at Publiosis respect the privacy of our customers to the fullest. By using our services, we require certain information for communication and billing purposes. For any transaction to be completed, we will require your website address (url) and your e-mail address. For billing purposes, we might need your full name or company name and/or physical address or company address, depending on the laws of that particular country. All of the information our customers share with us, is strictly confidential and will, under no circumstance, be used for advertising purposes. None of the provided information will be passed on or sold to third parties. This information will be stored in our database for a period of 2 years and will only be used for our own administration and tax returns. Publiosis makes use of cookies on the website. By using our website or other platforms, you agree to the use of these cookies. Publiosis makes use of Google Analytics for the sole purpose of gaining insight in the number of users that visit our website or use our apps. Under no circumstances will additional information be collected by visiting our website



We are a  team from Bruges, Belgium and are dedicated to provide a wide variety of e-products, such as web2app conversions, native apps, websites, all-in-one formulas, e-book - and publishing services at affordable rates. 



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