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Publishing on Google Play

This tutorial will guide you in publishing your app on the Google Play Store

First off, visit the Google Android Developer Console using this link:

  • Select "Sign in" and log in with your Google Account 

  • If you do not have a Google account, use the button: " Use another account " and select the "Create account" option

  • Once you have logged in, you should see this screen:
Two boxes checked
All apps pane
  • Check the two boxes marked in red and continue to payment

  • Google play will charge you a one time fee of 25,00 $ to be able to publish apps on their Google Play Store

  • Complete the payment process

  • Complete your account details

  • Log in to the developer console

  • You will see this screen:  

  • Click on "Create App"

  • Select the language and fill in your App Name in the "Title" section

  • Proceed to the next screen

4 checkboxes need to be finished

    • You will be taken directly to the Store Listing-page.

    • The main goal that we need to achieve is to get the 5 icons that are marked with a red circle in green

    • Fill in the Name of your App in the Title section

    • Give a short description, try to summarize what your app is about in a single line of text

    • Provide a full description, mention your goals, who are your potential customers and what services can you provide

    • Scroll down until you see this:

    Store Listing Page
    • First thing to do is to add the Logo for your app, this will be used as icon in the Google Play Store

    • Make sure your logo is a .PNG image and is 512 x 512 pixels in size

    • Next up are the screenshots. You need to upload a minimum of 2 screenshots of your app. The easiest way to do this is by installing a screenshot app on your phone and then uploading them to your computer. Keep in mind that the minimum requirement for each side is 320 pixels and a maximum of 3840 pixels. 

    • Scroll down to the "Function image" section. You are required to upload at least one image that shows hows your app works. This can also be a screenshot of your website.

    • Hit the "Save Concept" button at the bottom of the page.

    • Scroll down to the next section

      Store Listing page 2
      • In this section, you can add tags that are relevant to your app. Click on "Manage Tags" and select 5 tags from the list

      • We will skip the "Content Classification" section for now. We will return to this further down the road

        • Fill in your Contact Details (Website and E-mail and/or phone)

        • Hit "Save concept" again

        • Select the "App Releases" tab in the menu on the left

        • You will see this screen: 

        App Releases Screen
        • In the Production Track section, click on "Manage"

        • Select: "Create Release"

        • Select "Continue" to let Google Manage your app keys (recommended)

        • Download your "APK" file from the mail we have sent you and drag it to the grey box or select: "Browse" to upload manually

        • Give your release a certain name (for example: 1.0) And describe what is released in this version in the box at the bottom

        • Hit "Save"

        • Select the "Content classification" pane from the menu on the left

        • Read up on the use of the content rating

        • Hit "Continue' and finish the questionnaire

        • Select the "App content" pane in the menu on the left

        To Do list app publishing
        • Hit the "Start" buttons and finish the sections one by one

        • If you have chosen the Android Conversion PLUS Google Play Ready package, a template for a Privacy Policy has been mailed to you. It is a Word document in which you need to replace the words "MyApp" with the name of your own app.

        • You need to upload this document and place it on your website or contact your Webmaster to do this for you.

        • Make sure you put the link to that webpage in the "Privacy Policy" section

        • If you are ready on this page, hit the "Pricing and Distribution" pane on the left

        • Select the correct button to state if your app is free or paid

        • In the "Countries" tab, you can select all the countries you want your app to be published in. If you only have a client base in the United States, just select 'United States" in the drop down menu.

        • On the bottom of the page, there are two boxes you need to check for Content Guidelines and US Export Laws

        • Before you review and rollout your release, make sure the store listing, content rating, and pricing and distribution sections of your app each have a green check mark next to them.

        • Once you’re sure you’ve filled out those details, select your app and navigate to ‘Release management’ — ‘App releases.’ Press ‘Edit release’ next to your desired release, and review it.

        • Next, click on ‘Review’ to be taken to the ‘Review and rollout release’ screen. Here, you can see if there are any issues or warnings you might have missed out on.

        • Finally, select ‘Confirm rollout.’ This will also publish your app to all users in your target countries on Google Play.

        Congratulations, you have just sent your first app to Google for reviewing!

        Please note that the review process might take up to a week or even longer (due to covid-19).

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