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How to set up Onesignal

This tutorial will guide you in setting up your Onesignal account and acquiring your Android Onesignal appID.

As soon as you have this ID, please fill in the field below.


Step 1: Create A Firebase Project

Firebase screen

  • Click CREATE NEW PROJECT or select an existing one below.

Welcome to Firebase screen
  • Enter a project name and press CREATE PROJECT.
Create a Project Pane

Step 2: Getting Your Firebase Cloud Messaging Token And Sender ID

  • Click the gear icon in the top left and select Project settings.

  • Select the CLOUD MESSAGING tab.

  • Save the two values listed under Server key and Sender ID.

  • You might want to keep this page open to easily copy paste later on 
Project settings - Cloud messaging

Step 3: Configure Your OneSignal App's Android Platform Settings

  • Enter a valid e-mail address, choose a password and enter the name of your company (if applicable)

  • Log into the Onesignal Dashboard

  • In the "All Apps" page, click on "New App/Website"

  • Fill in the name of your app and pick a platform (in this case Android or iOS)

  • Click "Next"

Fill in name of your app - pick platform
  • Paste your Firebase Server Key and Firebase Sender ID into the fields and click "Next"

    Generate Firebase Key
    • Select Native Android 

    • Hit "Next" again
    Configure Platform
    • Select "Save"
    Configure Platform Done
    • Select "Keys & IDs" from the top menu
    Keys & ID's
    • You will see your Onesignal APP ID
    Onesignal APP ID
    • Please fill in the form on top of this page and copy paste your key into it

    • We will embed your key in your application in order for it to work properly

    • You can watch this video on how to use OneSignal:

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